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Use Your Mind to Learn to Drive
Book with  Binaural Beat mp3

This new incredible book (or eBook) and Audio mp3 recording which costs far less than a single lesson will save you ££££’s on unnecessary driving lessons. Written by a retired top grade (6) instructor with over 45 years experience who was the proprietor of one of South Yorkshire’s most successful driving schools.


This guide shows:

  • How grossly unfair the driving test is, and how to deal with this;
  • Why some people keep failing;
  • Why some women (and men) find learning more difficult;
  • Why some people learn really easily.

By using the simple proven techniques as directed you will find out how YOU can control:

  • How easy (or difficult) the learning process will be;
  • How easy or difficult your driving test route will be;
  • How to eliminate driving test nerves;
  • How friendly (or unfriendly) your examiner will be;
  • Which traffic situations you will (or more importantly) won’t encounter on your test;
  • Your attitude, nerves and confidence;
  • How the weather will affect your test;
  • Negative influences from friends/family and previous tests etc.
  • Plus much, much more.

To all you instructors out there who think this is nonsense - I say to you: “MATCH MY EXPERIENCE - MATCH MY GRADING - MATCH MY SUCCESS - TRY IT - THEN  -  MAKE YOUR JUDGEMENT!”

After studying the information you will agree that although it might seem a little ‘unconventional’ at first, it is in fact perfectly logical AND IT WORKS!

Note also that as the main part of this guide and technique is about practical driving, it is are also applicable for use in any country in the world.   

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