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The obvious disadvantage with Binaural Beats is that you must use stereo headphones for them to be effective. Without the headphones you would simply be listening to the background sound mask and basically wasting your time.

But for anyone who for any reason is unhappy using headphones or for group meditation  or Reiki or Yoga sessions etc then monaural beats or Isochronic tones maybe the answer. However, with monaural beats and isochronic tones, the beats must always be audible to be affective, whereas with binaural beats they can be affective even if completely masked (by other sounds).

Which is best?

Personally I like binaural beats, but that doesn’t mean to say that the others are less effective. I just happen to have practiced more with these and don’t see any particular reason to change. But of course the various beats may affect different people differently.

For this reason all of my pre-recorded sessions are also available with Monaural beats or Isochronic tones as an alternative. Use the contact page if you want these.

To compare the various tones, please click on the icons below. These are all 8 Hz (Alpha)  over a carrier frequency of 120 Hz . No sound mask has been added so that you can hear them  clearly.

It has been suggested that Binaural Beats do not work as mp3 files. But if you listen to the examples below (wjich are mp3’s) you will see that they DO work. All my CD’s incidentally are top quality wav files.

Isochronic Tones vs. Binaural Beats

Monaural Beats


Binaural Beats


Isochronic Tones