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Remembering Who You Are!
De-Stress - Relaxation - Meditation

In the spirit of A Course in Miracles the download of this recording is free to everyone. It’s the perfect continuum to Conscious Connected Breathing but should ideally be used just before falling asleep as the brainwave entrainment encourages this.

Remembering Who you are  Single Track  – 30 min.

The content of the recording is as follows:

  • Isochronic tones and binaural beats starting in beta and descending to alpha / theta and delta frequencies.  The recording ends in the Theta state probably causing sleep after which you will awaken normally. If you are not asleep at the end of the programme give yourself a good 30 minutes to come round before driving etc.;
  • Throughout the recording there is a prominent rhythm that you can follow if you wish. The rhythm is similar to the one used on Conscious Connected Breathing but slower;
  • Tibetan bells, natural sounds and white noise are used as a sound mask making the recording deeply relaxing to listen to;
  • Affirmations / suggestions mainly from A Course in Miracles are present for the whole duration, but begin subliminally and become fully audible and bilaterally (different in each ear) as the recording progresses.

As you will probably be asleep when the affirmations become fully audible, before using the recording I suggest that you wind on to listen to them consciously and if you are not in agreement with them, please do not use the programme.

If you fall into the small category of people who cannot use brainwave entrainment and want this without them, let me know and I’ll make it available for you.


Important: Due to the size and sensitivity of this file, even a millisecond break in your Internet connection may cause the download to fail.

This problem can be completely solved by using the FREE program http://freedownloadmanager.org/ which is safe, reliable and works well.

If you use this program, after loading, press the white cross in the blue dot (top left) and copy and paste the following into the URL box:


This will then download the file into a download folder in your C drive ready for moving to where you may want it.

If you have any problems contact me on the contact page and I’ll sort it for you.