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A great clearing and healing technique arose in the '70s which swept over much of the earth. Conscious breathing, circular breathing, connected breathing-aka rebirthing-may be the most powerful of all healing tools of the past few decades. It was revealed to Leonard Orr--in his bathtub, over a number of years!--by the immortal master Babaji and his temporary incarnation, Herakhan Baba.  

Meeting (re-meeting) inwardly the immortal Babaji in 1976 changed my life profoundly and immediately. When I first moved to California in 1978, I traveled to Yogananda's Self Realization Center in Los Angeles to receive Babaji's teaching of Kriya Yoga. Vastly disappointed to hear that I must study for a year first, I was studying when I attended the yearly SRF conference. But after a day I realized that this was not my group, and I must end my studies. Riding home, I asked Babaji, "How could it be that I can't receive Kriya? How could this be right?"

Two years later, when I first began rebirthing with Leonard, Herakhan Babaji popped into my eyes. He said, "This is your Kriya Yoga." Kriya being enormously revered, that is saying something for rebirthing!

Recently, to heal the darkest thing that's ever come up for me, I "breathed" each day for six days, and the healing is 99% complete. Once after rebirthing for a few days, I smelled ether pouring out of my body--34 years after I had breathed it in. When I once taught a weekend rebirthing workshop, a woman arrived on crutches due to an intense sprain in one leg. She left walking without them. I am convinced that rebirthing has saved people from "terminal" illness.

Connected breathing is amazingly powerful, yet so simple that anyone can do it. It allows God-you-are to merge with your body, mind and heart to release energies that no longer serve you--mental, emotional and physical. It is for all people, of any religion or belief. This guide empowers you to do it for yourself.

A breath worker, (see below) definitely helps if you are a beginner with this breath: someone to hold the space of transformation with you and keep you breathing (going to sleep is frequent at first). But you can do it on your own, too. Self-administered rebirthing is for brave people who are healing themselves and take total responsibility for their own process and their lives. If you have trouble or desire support and fellowship, please contact your closest breath worker.

Go into a quiet, private, comfortable space. A bathtub full of warm water is an excellent place to breathe (you can put putty in the upper drain to fill the tub all the way), especially if you burn candles around you. Or breathe by a good fire, or outside on the earth; but simply on your bed is great too (candles help your release; be safety conscious!). Loosen tight clothes and empty your bladder. Have a blanket handy, as you may start to feel cold (or hot); also water to drink. Though lying down is the usual way, you are more likely to need a breath worker to keep you awake. Use a pillow if you wish, under your head or knees. Sitting up should be on a bed, lounge etc. so you can lean back enough to breathe deeply and freely.

Before you begin, call in your spirit/master friend, etc. Set the intent to free yourself, as much as you are ready, from a particular or general constraint. Most physical difficulties have their cause in the mind. Close your eyes, unless you wish to receive assistance from an inspirational image. A good way to get going is to take four short, fast, deep breaths and then one giant torso-filling long one, repeating this pattern several times. Then begin a regular, relaxed rhythm, breathing through your nose, as that connects better with your nervous system. If your nose gets stopped up or you experience deep emotion, mouth breathing is okay. Breathe out pain, illness, anger, sorrow, fear, a limiting pattern-anything!

Your breath is relaxed yet full, dovetailing the in and out breaths so you can hardly tell where one leaves off and the other begins. There is zero pause between in and out, out and in; this is the key to the breath. It is good to let both your chest and abdomen rise and fall (perhaps the chest especially, as that is the site of much emotional armoring). You want your exhale to "fall" out, a relaxed release which is neither pushed nor held back. It's best not to think while breathing (though you can hold in mind a favorite master or angel, your high self, God, or any being of love). Don't get stuck in a particular thought, picture or emotion; keep relaxing, let everything pass by and just keep breathing. If tears come, that's fine, but don't scream.

Your breath may spontaneously speed up or slow down, and it may change character. You'll probably experience tingling in your body, and if you're new at the breath, your hands and feet may curl up, even ache terribly (tetany or hyperventilation). There's no need for alarm; your body simply has more oxygen than it's used to. Just relax and keep breathing in a more relaxed way--you can go right through it and your muscles will relax again. This will stop occurring as you do more of the breath..

If you are healing a particular thing like sexual abuse, illness, a wound etc., you may mentally breathe "through" the part(s) of the body affected.

There is a "best" rebirthing breath. Experiment to help yourself get it! You are wholly involved, breathing deeply, passionately and with speed, your whole torso alive and rising and falling spontaneously. Your breath may "slide" in and out. You are truly RELEASING.

A session may last 45 minutes, less or more (3 hours?), and you will know when it is complete. Often at the end of a session the breath just stops, sometimes for minutes (no problem, there's plenty of oxygen to cover it), and you feel yourself in a trance-like state. You may see golden light, a Buddha, or other spiritual vision.

You can breathe every day for an intense healing; or every other day, once a week, or less, as you feel. You may be guided to rebirth frequently after not doing it for some time.

If an image of a favorite master or angel would help you rebirth, many-including Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian images-are available at our site, www.SacredImages-ami.com.

For more, contact Leonard Orr, who has books and other information, including a list of breath workers of the world; there's probably one in your corner. As of this printing: Leonard Orr, POB 1026, Staunton, VA 24402. Phone: 540/885-0551; email LenRaja@hotmail.com. Website: www.RebirthingBreathwork.com. You can experience a mini breathing session with Leonard at the site www.pelorian.com/leonardbreathing.html.

 I also am happy to answer questions you may have; you can email me at info@AscensionMastery.com. To be sure it reaches me, include "Joanna" and "rebirthing" in the subject.

Blessings to you upon your path.

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2007 www.AscensionMastery.com

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Rebirthing: the Fastest Tool for Transformation? by Joanna Cherry

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