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Sleep Like A Brick mp3 CD
With Binaural Beats and Natural Sounds

Sleep Like a Brick - Binaural Beat Non abusive CD / mp3 - Graphic

As an alternative to sleeping pills why not try  Binaural Beats which are both effective, non addictive and non abusive.

Catnap Track 1 – 15 min - Content as follows:

  • Verbal suggestions to induce short rest;
  • Natural sounds/Ambient music/Bells;
  • Binaural Beats for a quick dip into Delta then returning to Beta;
  • Verbal wake up call

Sleep Like a Brick Track 2 – 46 min - Content as follows:

  • No verbal guidance is on this track;
  • Natural sounds/Ambient music/Bells;
  • White Noise (to blank out background sounds);
  • Binaural Beats, starting in Beta, descending progressively to Delta where it remains allowing you to fall into a deep and natural sleep after which you will awaken normally.

Note that stereo headphones / earphones are essential for this item.

Available on CD (£6.97 + postage) or

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