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Firstly let me make it clear that I am not a Rebirthing practitioner - not yet anyway, but have learnt the technique from a professional and am able to enter the process easily and successfully unassisted.

Out of all the therapies and techniques that I have tried over the years, Rebirthing is the best by far - nothing else comes vaguely near it! This technique is also known as ‘Conscious Connected Breathing’ and ‘Vivation’ and ‘Holotropic Breathing’ are similar.

I’m sure that various meditation techniques are also amazing but the downside with these is that you have to spend years practicing to become even half proficient. Whereas with Rebirthing - which incidentally is a form of Kriya Yoga, mastery can be virtually instant and the technique is ridiculously simple and requires no special seating position (which was always a problem for me).

It’s recommended that this technique is learnt from a professional practitioner (see links). It’s usual to have about 10 sessions before being able to enter the process unassisted.

If you have any deep traumatic problems from your childhood, this technique will most certainly help, but a professional practitioner will help you through anything that may re-emerge.

Rebirthing is not a wacky cult, neither is it connected to any religion (or against any), but will enable self mastery quickly and easily without being the eternal slave of some cult leader.

Once you experience this, you will want to shout from the rooftops and tell the rest of the world how good it is - Everyone should do it!

More information about this technique is outlined in my book -  The Golden Sphere.


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