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To create the ganzfeld effect, you basically need to fill your visual field with an even , featureless, monochromatic light. (‘Ganzfeld’ is a German word for a featureless field).

The result can be virtual instant meditation (especially when used in conjunction with binaural beats). I’ve found this to be just about as good as a float chamber! (Everyone should try a float chamber at least once).

You can spend a fortune, buying ganzfeld goggles, or you could make your own the common way with ping pong balls (see link). This method works well, but carving up ping pong balls with a stanley knife can be dangerous (I have the scars to prove this).

However, you can also make your own ganzfeld goggles easily by obtaining some normal swimming goggles and lining the inside with coloured tissue paper. I've found that this works well for me. (I've also painted the inside of mine white).  I’ve just been informed that frosting spray works better than white paint - (thanks lincomatic).

Another method can be found on this link.

Experiment with different colours and don't forget to take them off when you've finished meditating - especially if you live near a cliff edge!

Please google search make your own ganzfeld goggles for more information and if you find anything really interesting, please let me know so that I can share it here.

Make Your Own Ganzfeld Goggles


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