Golden Sphere Testimonials

Super Book - A Must Read -  Azra (Amazon 5 star)

I've never written an Amazon review before, but I felt compelled to write one for this wonderful little book. I'm so glad I chanced to come across it. What a great read! I couldn't put it it in one sitting. It's beautifully written in an easy to understand and humorous style.

I tried the conscious connected breathing technique and was astounded by the results I achieved on my very first attempt. It was a wonderful experience

I can't recommend this book highly enough. This is a must purchase book. Just read it!


A truly mind changing read  -  Amber Rose (iTunes 5 Star)

Written in a very entertaining (parable) sort of way. Martin Woodward takes you on an amazing journey for the mind.

I have to say that I found the first three or four pages a bit silly until I bought into the idea of the characters being clowns, bears, charms and stuff, but stay with it. All will become clear.

Some of the experiences sent a shiver down my spine, as I have had the exact same things happen to me, although I have been misunderstood when trying to re-tell the accounts to others, the author succeeds where I have failed.

It's all too easy to use words of praise when you review something that you like, so I'll just say this….. Your life will be affected by this book for the better and you will never think in quite the same way again!


And in a very funny way too - Ton Kooiman Design (Amazon 5 star)

This little gem is an effect in the material world that comes to you at the right time to give you an opening to the Kingdom of Heaven. And in a very funny way too, to give you at the least a few hours of cheerfulness to start with.


Propounding all concepts is Easy, Not Propounding Anything Is the Rarest - Chintan - (Amazon India 5 star)

The Golden Spheres puts forward true experiential understanding of Advaita from end to end. Without getting carried away into propounding any Concept.

"Propounding all concepts is Easy, Not Propounding Anything Is the Rarest."

The language is very lucid, funny and yet progressively hard knocking.

Thank you for such an amazing & insightful expression.


Lovely book and arrived quickly many thanks - ebay customer


The Golden Sphere -  An Introduction to Rebirthing & A Course in Miracles