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Congratulations you’ve just discovered something worthwhile which could enhance your life quickly with the minimum of effort.

Possibly right now you’re worried about bills, the threat of redundancy and the general state of the economy...  By dwelling on these negative feelings you are in fact using a very powerful technique the wrong way round... My prosperity programme will help you reverse this easily and effortlessly!

I personally know what it’s like to be homeless, penniless and unemployed, back in the days when there was far less social help available, so however bad things maybe for you, believe me I’ve been there!

But I also know what it’s like to own a luxury villa overlooking the sea with its own pool in Cyprus and to tour France, Spain and Portugal in luxury Motor-home with Smart car in tow – real freedom!

So forget the Recession... Forget negativity...  Open yourself to a new beginning NOW!

Using the professionally produced Prosperity CD I’m offering will re-tune your mind to bring about positive changes in your life. You’ll find that new innovative ideas flow to you automatically as if by magic enabling you to enrich your life according to your dreams.

It’s more than Hypnosis

This recording uses brainwave entrainment to assist you into the most remarkably relaxed condition which is perfectly conducive for accepting the powerful positive suggestions in the program.

The contents of the CD are as follows:

Abundance Track 1 – 30 min - Content as follows:

  • Verbal suggestions for most of the recording;
  • Natural sounds/Ambient music/Bells;
  • Isochronic Tones; starting in Beta and descending to Alpha, then back to Beta at the end;
  • This track can be used with or without stereo headphones.

Path to Success Track 2 – 30 min - Content as follows:

  • Hypnotic induction/suggestions/awakening, throughout recording;
  • Natural sounds/Ambient music;
  • Binaural Beats; starting in Beta; descending progressively to Alpha; briefly into Theta; then back to Beta at the end
  • Stereo headphones are essential on this track for the Binaural Beats to be effective.

 For Important information about Binaural Beats and suitability: CLICK HERE.


 + Profitable Self Employment - graphic 1

But I’m not going to just sell you a hypnotic CD however good I know it is and then just leave you out there in the dark wondering how to implement your new ideas, which is why I’m also giving you two eBooks absolutely FREE!

Book 1 – A Guide to Successful Self Employment (by yours truly)

Having been self employed for 45 years in a variety of activities I think I'm pretty well qualified to offer some valuable advice. This guide is packed full of useful information covering all aspects of self employment including tax and VAT etc, and shows how YOU can be successful in any area that you choose regardless of your present circumstances. I guarantee that you will be impressed by this book. Yours for FREE. More Info Here.

Book 2 – Buy to Let on A Budget (by yours truly)

Entering the lucrative buy to let property market can be perhaps your main and only business or perhaps an add-on (as it was for me) to fund your pension.

This guide will show you how to get into this business with the absolute minimum funds as well as explaining all the things you need to avoid. Similar information is often sold in seminars for as much as £2,000.00 or more, but I’m offering it here for FREE. More Info Here.


Ok Let’s recap what you get for your money

  • Prosperity CD consisting of 2 x 30 minute tracks.
  • Free eBook A Guide to Successful Self Employment
  • Free eBook Buy to Let on a Budget
  • 100% no quibble courteous money back guarantee if not delighted




 Payment by PayPal (preferred) or personal cheque or Postal order. The Audio CD will be sent by first class post. The free eBook download links will be sent to your email address.

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